Sustainable & LEED® Consulting

Machen Advisory Group defines itself as ‘Good Stewards of the Built Environment’. With that focus in mind, we offer expertise in the various sustainable areas. Whether you are looking to “green-up” your office environment or attain a LEED® certification for your new or existing building, we can lead or assist your team. Beth Machen, CPM® received her LEED® AP accreditation in 2008, and has experience in analyzing existing buildings for the LEED® certification.

Sustainability requires that human activity only uses nature's resources at a rate at which they can be replenished naturally. Sustainability is best understood as qualitative improvement. In that case, development means “better” rather than “more” and an emphasis on quality of life, rather than material living standards. This calls for better, not faster, lives and for a focus on values, not things. Environmental sustainability is the process of making sure current processes of interaction with the environment are pursued with the idea of keeping the environment as pristine as naturally possible.

Machen Advisory Group has the knowledge and experience to reduce your property’s impact on environmental resources. We will elevate demand for your asset by initiating practices and measures which will save costs and enrich value, for both building owners and users. Our goal is to maximize income for both building owners and tenants by creating desirable spaces that will appeal to more sophisticated operators and a more enlightened clientele. Our specialty is repositioning existing properties by bringing them to highest and best sustainability, therefore making them more competitive with newer product. Successfully repositioned assets will dictate higher rents and longer lease terms.

Here are a few ways we can help you in the “greening” process:

Green/Sustainable and LEED® Consulting:

Not all buildings are viable candidates for LEED® Certification; therefore, we offer different audits to determine maximum efficiency and preservation of value.

  • Green audit for existing buildings and businesses: a comprehensive summary of how a business can ‘green’ their business office and business practices
  • EnergyStar® audit for existing buildings and businesses: a comprehensive summary of a building or business in order to obtain EnergyStar® certification.
LEED® AP Consulting, your starting point!
  • LEED® audit for existing buildings: a comprehensive summary of how a building owner can get their existing building LEED® certified. Services available.
  • Assembling Your Green Team – We are experienced in pulling together the appropriate professionals that will make the difference in your green project. Twenty years of experience in the industry brings the knowledge and associations with the best in the business.
  • Energy Modeling – analysis and documentation of energy consumption and related systems.
  • Evaluation of Achievable Credits – provide suggestions and guidance on best LEED® path to take to achieve LEED® certification with discussion and explanations of costs and benefits of all credits achievable.
  • Documentation Consulting – review of contractor documents prior to bidding to assure understanding of goals across professions, review of contractor bids.
  • Construction Representation and Reporting – represent client during construction process to assure compliance of LEED® processes with reports given on an agreed upon time frames.
  • Certification Documentation for LEED® Projects – provide appropriate documentation to all parties involved and execute filing with USGBC
  • LEED® Projects, New or Existing
  • Required Third Party – Machen is the required third party needed to execute and certify a LEED® project